Alex (2010)

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SEADOG ADVISORY, Hurricane Alex #5, 7/1, 15:54 EDT: Please be advised that a number of technical issues surfaced on the bridge line calls related to Hurricane Alex.  Previously the bridge line had unlimited access, therefore providing users with a great deal of flexibility as to the number of individuals accessing the line.  The bridge line is currently capable of handling 25 – 30 callers.  We also experienced transmission cut outs that were not specific to the FAA bridge line.  There were a number of phones that could not/were not muted contributing to poor communication.  We will address these issues and conduct a test for coordination airports on the bridge line in the near future to ensure that a high level of communication is restored to the calls.

As always, thank you for the continued support ~ have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

SEADOG ADVISORY, Hurricane Alex,  #4, 7/1, 14:51 EDT: It was determined during this morning’s SEADOG coordination call that no SEADOG deployment will be necessary.  Airports that were in the affected region (BRO,HRL,MFE) report no need for assistance.

SEADOG Advisory, Hurricane Alex — #3,  6/30, 13:11 EDT: It was determined during this morning’s SEADOG coordination call that no SEADOG deployments are necessary at this time.  DFW Assessment team is on standby.  Airports in the affected region (BRO,HRL,MFE) report no need for assistance at this time.  HAS is the lead airport coordinator for this event.  Follow up bridge line call is set for tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 1030hrs CDT to determine if there is any need for support after the storm.

Linked here (.pdf) for your information is FAA Certalert # SO-10-03 dated June 29, 2010.  This Certalert describes the hurricane damage reporting information needed by the FAA.

SEADOG Advisory, Hurricane Alex — #2, 6/30, 10:00 EDT: Harlingen/Valley International Airport (HRL) has requested SEADOG to activate standby support due to the projected path of Hurricane Alex.  The hurricane is expected to make landfall south of Texas with minimal impact at this time.  We will hold a Bridge Line Coordination Airport call at 10:30AM CDT.  The Houston Airport System will take the lead on this call and will be the primary coordination airport.

SEADOG Advisory, Hurricane Alex — #1, 6/29, 12:56 EDT: SEADOG coordination airports are monitoring and tracking  Tropical Storm Alex.  Should the storm continue to develop into a hurricane and affected airports request assistance, a bridge line call will be scheduled to assist those airports.