Debby (2012)

DEBBY Info: NOAA | Weather Underground

SEADOG ADVISORY, Tropical Storm Debby, #2, 6/26/12, 13:31 EDT SEADOG will be monitoring the effects of TS Debby as it transitions over the north central areas of Florida.  Storm surges are indicated from Tallahassee to Tampa.  We may increase the status as TS Debby enters the eastern seaboard of the Atlantic. TS Debby is currently sustaining winds of 40 mph and is currently located about 70 miles west of Cedar Key, Florida moving to the east at about 3 mph.  Orlando reports no expected impact on their airport at this point in time.

SEADOG ADVISORY, Tropical Storm Debby, #1, 6/24/12, 08:54 EDT: SEADOG is Monitoring Tropical Storm Debby. SEADOG will continue to  monitoring the event through early part of next week.


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