Isaac (2012)

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SEADOG Advisory – TS Isaac 04-12, 8/29/2012, 1306ET
Status: Monitoring

SEADOG has changed its status back to monitoring; however we will still maintain communication with Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) in the event that assistance is required.  No bridge line calls are scheduled for today. Hurricane Isaac is currently inland over southeastern Louisiana.  The storm is expected to weaken late this afternoon or evening to a tropical storm.  Due to the slow movement of Hurricane  Isaac; heavy rains, strong storm surge and flooding are possible to all areas in the storms path.

MSY Director reports, ” We have no power and are on back up.  We have some roof damage and have lots of leak.  EOC is still in activation.  I have 55 of my essential staff with me.  The airport is locked down. Last night, due to power loss we shut the airfield and sent a NOTAM to the effect.  All flights are cancelled for today.”  At this time, it is doubtful that operations will resume tomorrow.

We have also received an update from (MOB), and both of their airfields are now open.  Southeast Texas Regional (BPT) reports, no effect on their operation.  Northwest Flordia Regional Airport (VPS) has resumed all Operations. Gulfport (GPT) is still currently closed, no damage reported.

SEADOG will continue to monitor Hurricane ISAAC and will respond should it become necessary.

Summary of TS Isaac Bridge Line call held August 28, 2012 at 1400ET
SEADOG does not typically move from a monitoring to active status until we have confirmed a Category 2 or higher storm. The purpose of the call today was to obtain any new contact information and mobilize basic efforts unless the storm escalates in strength.

•        Tom Draper-> Forecast, 2PM update.

•        Todd Haines -> Assessment Team standing by.  Provide an engineering assessment.

•        Steve  Runge (Houston) -> Currently Monitoring the storm, once a need has been established, they will respond as necessary.

•        Tim Okrongley-> Security- LEO –They are standing by and have LEO resources

•        Joe Washington -> FAA is currently monitoring, and will be looking for reports regarding Status: open/Closed, fuel status, etc.

•        Gulfport – Mark-> They are standing by and waiting out the storm. No assistance need at this time.

•        Duke (Southeastern Texas Regional) -> Currently looks like the storm will have little effect. No assistance required at the present time.

•        Huntsville, -> They are currently standing by, no assistance is required at this time. They expect heavy rains and have resources available if they are not affected.

•        Mobile-> Currently both  Mobile  Airports are closed and they are hoping to reopen tomorrow morning.  They will continue to standby and monitor the storm.

SEADOG Advisory – TS Isaac 05-12, 8/27/2012, 0846 E

SEADOG has elevated status to STANDBY effective this morning.  Coordination Group (COOR) will be notified tomorrow morning as to the time for the FAA Bridge Line call.  We have a tentative time of 1300 hours scheduled, however we will need to confirm with the FAA Southern Region.  Airports in the projected path of the storm are in the process of being notified and will be provided the bridge line number to communicate with the SEADOG Coor Group.  If the storm escalates and additional resources are required we will expand the participants for the bridge line call.  Please find attached discussion and graphics related to TS Isaac.

SEADOG will continue to standby and monitor the storm.

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