Sandy (2012)

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SEADOG Advisory – Tropical Depression Sandy (Update 05-16 ). 10/30/12 Status: MONITORING

SEADOG has changed its status back to monitoring; however we will still maintain communication with affected airports in the event that assistance is required. No bridge line calls are scheduled for today. Tropical Depression Sandy is slowly moving westward while weakening across southern Pennsylvania. The storm is expected to continue its track across Pennsylvania and take a turn toward western New York this evening. Due to the slow movement of TD Sandy; high winds, heavy rains, strong storm surge and flooding are possible to all areas in the storms path.

PANYNJ–All airports are still closed. They are in the process of conducting a damage assessment. The FAA is also conduction an assessment of their equipment, JFK and EWR are in better condition than that LGA, EWR does not have commercial power and is on generator power. EWR will not be able to open until commercial power has been restored. Both JFK and LGA are flooded.

We have also received an update from Martha’s Vineyard (MVY), “We rode out the storm with minimal impacts. We created a pretty extensive checklist (that we can keep adding on to as we learn from each event) to help us prepare so we were ready. Conditions were not as severe as we expected (peak gust 51 kts as far as I know). A few power outages that caused us to go onto generator power, but otherwise no other damage or issues. Island beaches, however, have not been so lucky due to the storm surge. Not sure what they will look like when this is all done. ”

HPN – 10/30/12 1030 hours – Open, Minimal damage to structures, if any. Widespread power outages, however generator backup in use. Limited Flight Ops, Staffing 100%

TEB – 10/30/12 1000 hours – Closed due to flooding (Runway 24 & many taxiways). No estimate of when airport will return to service. Some damage to hangar roofs and siding. Staffing 100%, Field lighting secured, partial power to FBO’s.

BUF – 10/30/12 0001 hours – Open and Operational WITH NORMAL OPERATIONS.


ORF 10/30/12 1100 hours – Open – Most Air Carrier resuming this afternoon. No damage. Staffing 100%.

BWI 10/30/12 1100 hours – Open – Minimal damage, Only Delta, AMC and United flights scheduled today. Expect normal operations Wednesday Staffing 100%

Atlantic City (ACY) Planning on opening at 2pm. Waiting for all staff to return.

BDR- Airfield is still currently flooded.

**SEADOG will continue to monitor Tropical Storm Sandy and will respond should it become necessary.

SEADOG Advisory – 05-15 10/30/12, 1050ET. Status: STANDBY

SEADOG is in the process of contacting airports in the northeast for assessments in terms of requested support. Should airports request support, we will schedule a bridge line call. We will provide SEADOG Coor airports with the status as it relates to assessment requests and move to a monitoring status if there does not appear to be a need for assistance.

Please feel free to check the SEADOG website for information at the following link: for airport updates.

Further Coor and General Group advisories will be forthcoming.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 29 1600 ET Bridge Line Call Summary

So far, NO airports have requested SEADOG assistance.

Per FAA New England region, the following Part 139 airports were CLOSED as of 1600 ET.

Atlantic City (ACY)
Dover International (DOV)
Groton New London (GON)
Tweed New Haven (HVN)
Sikorsky Memorial (BDR)
Westover Metro (CEF)

Other airports, including PHL (per 10/28 press release), remain open but all scheduled operations for Monday were canceled.

Reports from airport/authority reps on call:

PANYNJ: All airports/runways open but no operations being conducted per airline cancellations. Awaiting high tide to determine if water will breach runways/flood areas of EWR, JFK, LGA and/or TEB. Because of mass transit shutdown, airports could face challenge getting workers to their posts, even if airports are operationally ready.

IAD: Expecting wind gusts 50-70 overnight. Operations shut down. A few international flights slated to arrive tomorrow along with some hub carrier (UAL) domestic positioning flights. Expect to have 50% schedule operating by Wednesday AM, 100% possible by Wednesday PM. No flooding expected on airfield.


SEADOG Advisory – 05-14 10/29/12, 0950ET. Status: STANDBY

SEADOG has elevated its status to STANDBY in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. As the storm approaches the east coast we will continue to monitor reports. We have tentatively (awaiting confirmation from FAA) scheduled a call on the Southern Region FAA bridge line call for 4PM ESDT today for the SEADOG Coor Group and will invite potentially impacted airports to join the call later on this morning. SEADOG Coor Group members will receive a notice for the bridge line call via a Coor Group advisory.

Sean Broderick will be updating the SEADOG website to provide status information and notifications. Please feel free to check the website at the following link: for updates on the storm.

Further Coor Group advisories will be forthcoming.

SEADOG Advisory – Hurricane Sandy 05-12, 10/26/2012, 1429ET
Status: Monitoring

SEADOG will continue monitoring Hurricane Sandy as it transitions northwest, at 6 mph, across the Atlantic near the coast of the United States.

SEADOG will be  contacting  northeastern airports in the  projected track of the storm to make sure we have good contact information.

SEADOG will continue to monitor the storm and will issue further advisories should they be necessary.

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