Coordination Airports


Duties Specific to a Hurricane

Team Mission:

The mission of the “Coordination Airport” during a hurricane is to support and provide coordination for affected airports as it relates to SEADOG support.  While these roles are specific to hurricane coordination, a modified coordination effort can be applied based on the relevant disaster.  The roles related to other disasters will be incorporated into the role of the Coor airport.

Team Specialties:

  • Coordination of the Coor Airports is to ensure that there is a unified support structure to aid affected airports during a disaster.
    • Establish bridgeline calls and coordinate times (Recommended twice daily).
    • Coordinate with Southern Region of FAA.
    • Coordinate with DFW Assessment Team.
    • Coordinate with DFW ARFF Team.
    • Establish a gateway airport for logistical purposes.
    • Coordinate with SAT on Law Enforcement/LEO response.
    • Coordinate with EMAC Emergency Management Specialist.
    • Ensure web site is maintained and accurate.
    • Deploy initial and relief recovery teams.


  • Selection of Coor Airport based on distance from the storm.
  • Coordinate with FAA Southern Region for use of the bridge line at least 72 hours prior to landfall.  (Contact Joe Washington with FAA)
  • Coordinate with DFW Assessment Team. (Contact Todd Haines
  • Coordinate with DFW ARFF Coordinator. (Contact Brian McKinney)
  • Coordinate with SAT Security Coordinator. (Contact Nathaniel Polsgrove)
  • Coordinate with FAA to identify airports in the path of the storm for FAA status reports. (Joe Washington)
  • Select an Emergency Management specialist from the SEADOG/WESTDOG Coor airports to act as EMAC Coordinator. (Tom Draper/Terry Cravens)
  • Ensure there is a hurricane tracker on the bridgeline call. (Tom Draper at MCO)
  • Develop a list of recovery teams for deployment to the affected airport(s).
    • Recovery teams must be self-sufficient
    • Account for all recovery activities and document level of assistance


  • Recovery teams should be deployed for no more than 5-6 days.
  • Develop a list of supplementary recovery teams for deployment to affected airport(s).
  • Coordinate with the Assessment Team to determine the required disciplines.
  • Ensure affected airports are submitting status reports to the FAA twice a day.
  • Ensure affected airport is submitting request for mission numbers to local emergency management.
  • Communication with the assessment team/ recovery teams will be affected.  Develop alternative means of communication such as satellite phones, email or ham radio operator.
  • Develop resources required by affected airport(s) and post to SEADOG website. (Contact Joe Job SAV)
  • Coordinate logistical supplies to a gateway airport near the affected airport(s).

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